Thursday, April 9, 2020

Inward lighting. Make your subjects pop

Some images stand out more than others. I often asked myself why, and to be sure, there are lots of distinctive...

Nabucco Island Resort, Kalimantan

Today I will deviate a bit from my usual photo blogs and will talk about a destination. Nabucco Islan Resort, a fantastic...

Giant Sea Spider – Colossendeis colossea

For the next stop on our macro voyage, I sure hope there are no arachnophobes reading this as we look at another...


Scuba Travel News!

Keep your diving dreams alive with £0 deposit holidays from Scuba Travel Covid-19 is forcing all of us to...

Kit care when you are not diving

Got a bit of extra time on your hands because of social distancing? Been putting off your post-dive Kit Care or simply...

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