Saturday, December 5, 2020

Photo FINish

Twice a month we will look at specific subjects we regularly encounter on our dive trips and will give some tips on how to photograph them. Thanks to his experience as a dive guide and a photographer Mario will discuss characteristic behaviours, technique, equipment and composition.

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Photo FINish: Best of 2017

Photo Finish was born as a platform to offer divers interested in underwater photographers a range of tips and techniques on how to shoot different subjects, based on my experience as a...
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The Giannis D. An iconic wreck

When talking about the Red Sea wrecks, there is an image that comes to mind, the iconic stern section of the Giannis D. After hitting the reef in 1983...
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The Barge. a photographer’s heaven

As a dive guide and avid diver, I had the opportunity to dive hundreds of dive sites in different countries. Some considered to be among the best in the world, others not...
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Stonefish. Ugly beauties

Stonefish are probably one of the ugliest fish in the sea but they can be incredible subjects.  They live in shallow water usually hiding in a rubbly bottom or buried under the...
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The diver in your shot

On this blog I try to give tips and advice on how to shoot different creatures, some can be elusive and shy others bold and easy to approach but one thing is...
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Shark Photography in the Red Sea

The Red Sea offers plenty of opportunities for shark photography. From late October to mid-January oceanic whitetip sharks are a common sight on the offshore reefs of the southern Red Sea.
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Komodo, tales of a photo trip

Komodo National Park should be high on the list of any diver. Located between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa it is one of the most biodiverse areas in Indonesia. It offers...
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Here come the turtles

Turtles have undeniable charisma. These reptiles are amongst the most fascinating animals you can encounter during a dive. From the 7 species of marine turtles, you are more likely to see Hawksbill, green, and loggerhead...
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Underwater photography. A mental attitude

Underwater photography is a journey. But let’s face it, the beginning of the journey is often not very rewarding. No one starts out an award-winning photographer. Whilst I can’t give you a...
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Oceanic whitetip.Framing the long fins

Oceanic whitetip sharks (Carcharhinus longimanus) are without a doubt one of the most magnificent sharks you can encounter. Their curious nature makes them some of the easier sharks to encounter. Do not...

Dive the Red Sea like never before onboard Whirlwind.

The Red Sea is piping hot. After months of no one diving, the Northern Red Sea is better than ever. The reefs...
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Destination focus. Sardinia

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Destination Focus. Malta