Thursday, April 2, 2020
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The Best Camera is the one you have with you.

The camera you have with you is more important than the better quality camera you may have at home and not immediately at hand.....
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Not just a pretty picture…..

What do you use all those other pictures that you take for? The shots that don't fall into the category of competition entry or fish ID shot?
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Histogram. Knowing when to turn Left or Right

How exposing to the left of your Histogram can transform how you work when shooting in very low light. With the ideal environment to test this being the Cenotes in the jungles of Mexico
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Red Sea Relaxed Paul Colley August Trip Report

Here is Paul Colley's report of his last trip. The Red Sea Relaxed. He give us six good reasons to visit the...
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Juvenile sweetlips

Becoming a popular shot to take a motion blurred Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips is achievable you've just got to be patient and work at it.
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Cave in and have a Whale of a time in Mexico…..

Our Mexico photo trip this year looks like being a great combo of photography and fun, along with great cuisine and cocktails.
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How I Got the Shot – Gordon Sunset Split

Sunset split are fun to do and bring together your planning and preparation skills with your technical photo skills. It's very rewarding though when it all comes together.
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The Decisive Moment….Is all about timing

Picking the right moment to get the shot. Here Duxy shows you his thought process in choosing the right time to press the shutter button.
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Wreck photography. A Lust for Rust.

I run an annual Wreck Photo trip, and it has proved quite popular, not least of which with me!

Making a Splash in Lembeh Resort

A splash of colour can distract you from a less than perfect background, so don't dismay if your subject lives in a boring brown environment.

Kit care when you are not diving

Got a bit of extra time on your hands because of social distancing? Been putting off your post-dive Kit Care or simply...
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