Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Paul Colley Red Sea Relaxed August Trip Report

  Red Sea relaxed: six good reasons to visit the Red Sea A pod of dolphins is heading our way and there’s only seconds to grab...


Conveying scale in your pictures is easy when you know how. Check out this blog to get some ideas.

Red Sea Relaxed Guest Trip Report

Red Sea Relaxed Trip Report from Anne and Phil Medcalf     Anne and Phil Medcalf give their views on the new Red Sea Relaxed itinerary. They have...

Cephalopod Shenanigans

A wee blog highlighting what you probably know already, that octopus are wonderful creatures and deserve a little respect and a slow approach to get the best photo encounters.

Quickie Review – Olympus 8mm 1.8 for micro4/3

A real world test and review of the Olympus 8mm fisheye lens with it's unique f1.8 maximum aperture.

All in One Dive Part 1 – the kit itself, Olympus EM10mk2,Nauticam Housing and...

First part of a series looking at the Olympus EM10mk2 and Nauticam Housing using the Nauticam WWL and CMC wet lenses to see if this is really the best all round underwater imaging solution.

Tidying Up Your Shots – The History Brush technique to remove backscatter.

A video blog showing a great technique to help you get rid of backscatter in Lightroom and Photoshop

Tidying Up your Shots – Working with Photoshop from within Lightroom

Hello   one of the things that really captures peoples interest when on the photo workshops is when I demonstrate how to get rid off, move...

Swirly Sweetlips

Becoming a popular shot to take a motion blurred Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips is achievable you've just got to be patient and work at it.

Cave in and have a Whale of a time in Mexico…..

Our Mexico photo trip this year looks like being a great combo of photography and fun, along with great cuisine and cocktails.

Shark Quest Photography: Mario’s Trip report

Sitting back at my desk I had have a quiet moment to think about last week's trip. It was the first shark Quest photography...