Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Cave in and have a Whale of a time in Mexico…..

Our Mexico photo trip this year looks like being a great combo of photography and fun, along with great cuisine and cocktails.

Winter Warmer 2016 trip reports in 3D

Our final Winter Warmer Trip Report from Gennady and Elena Elfimov shooting with an Olympus Mirrorless system, who alongside Cat Briggs and Stuart Gibson wrote these guest reports on my last Egyptian Red Sea photo workshops.

Perfectly Picked Pinnacle

See why this beautiful pinnacle is worth keeping secret for only limited numbers.

Battle of the Sexes- Who’s the cleverest?

The difference in intelligence of the sexes within marine life.

The Photography Show, and keeping my promise to those I spoke to today…

This is a blog from The Photography Show answering questions to those wannabe underwater photographers and newbie divers, who asked me loads of great questions today. Thank you for dropping by.

A little splash of colour….

Just a quickie this week to show my thought processes when composing a few shots that I've taken recently on the last two Winter...

How I Got the Shot – Gordon Sunset Split

Sunset split are fun to do and bring together your planning and preparation skills with your technical photo skills. It's very rewarding though when it all comes together.

Getting more for less, or how to turn a 20mp shot into an 85mp...

How to produce Panoramics from a selection of still shots, and increasing the resolution of your camera at the same time. Using Adobe Lightroom, and why this is a useful thing to learn.

Red Sea Relaxed …….a bit of inner peace

Want a dive trip thats a bit less hectic, with the day run at your pace? Then maybe our new Red Sea Relaxed itinerary is just for you.

Reefscapes and Wide Angle Shots

Shooting wide angle and fisheye, can be daunting for some, especially if they've become really comfortable with their macro shooting, and it can be difficult to move out of that comfort zone, so here's my suggestions to give you a bit of a helping hand.

Scuba Travel Special Offers

Check out this week Scuba Travel Special Offers Join Hurricane on the...

Scuba Travel Special Offers