Friday, June 22, 2018

What makes you “pro” and could you run a Photo Workshop? Part Two

In part one posted a couple of days back (Click Here)  we looked at what I think makes a professional photographer, and in part...

The Decisive Moment….

Picking the right moment to get the shot. Here Duxy shows you his thought process in choosing the right time to press the shutter button.

A Lust for Rust

    I run an annual Wreck Photo trip, and it has proved quite popular, not least of which with me! I say this because to be...

Making a Splash

A splash of colour can distract you from a less than perfect background, so don't dismay if your subject lives in a boring brown environment.

Lembeh Style !! an overview of our latest photo trip.

A quick look at the resort and facilities at Lembeh Resort and the Critters@Lembeh dive team, which hosted us for our 2015 photo trip with Duxy

Canon G7X Nauticam Housing and Wide Angle lens – Final Visit

Final summing up of the Nauticam housed Canon G7X this time using both the dedicated Nauticam lenses.

Big Beasts in The Maldives

Maldivian Pelagics need a bit of thought and consideration if you want to get good shots of them.

It Makes Me Mad !! – Underwater Photography is actually easy.

Its not big, helpful or clever to reinforce the erroneous belief that underwater photography is a very difficult subject. With the right advice and a willingness to learn a small amount, anyone who dives can get the hang pretty quickly.

Shooting in Less than Perfect Visibility in the Maldives

What you need to think about when shooting in less than perfect visibility.

How I Got the Shot – Too Many Fish

A very simple shot to take, see how you can control the marine life and have them do your bidding Muahhahahah!!!!

Shark Quest Photography: Mario’s Trip report

Sitting back at my desk I had have a quiet moment to think about last week's trip. It was the first shark Quest photography...