Thursday, November 23, 2017

How I got the Shot – Million Hope Sun Flare

How to avoid the problem of ugly sun balls in your shots.

From Dawn til Dusk

Shooting at the crepuscular period can be a great way to get interesting shots. Possible on our workshops with an Open Deck policy.

A Wizard Wheeze and a bit of Appy Trickery

Using apps on your tablet to inject a bit fun into your pictures, here I've used an app called LensLight.

Ghiannis D part 2 Exterior Views

Second part of the Ghiannis D blog post about approaches to shooting her successfully.

Fast Fish Take 2

A while back I wrote about a picture I took under a jetty in Ambon, Indonesia. It was dark because of the struts of the...

Ghiannis D part 1- Atmospheric Interiors

Shooting the Ghiannis D interior on a recent Wreck Photo trip. The technicalities and practicalities.

Turn that noise down!!!!

A blog about using Adobe's Lightroom software to help eliminate noise in your photographs.

How I Got the Shot- Jelly Fish Jamboree

A post attempting to show how time of day and observation, teamed with critical exposure control can get you the shot you want.

In My (Fourth) Element

Its important to keep toastie warm when taking pictures, as you need to concentrate on the task in hand and be comfortable. See how my use of Fourth Elements excellent under and wetsuits allow me to do this.

Bottom Dwelling

Keep an eye on whats going on in and on the sand you may miss something.

Shooting The Barge

As a dive guide and avid diver, I had the opportunity to dive hundreds of dive sites in different countries. Some considered to be...
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