Monday, July 15, 2019

Bottom Dwelling

Keep an eye on whats going on in and on the sand you may miss something.

Pick your moment…..

Taking your picture at just the right moment, is a great technique that levels the playing field somewhat if you only shoot with a more basic camera setup. However regardless of the kit you're using the "decisive moment" is the key to getting good shots.

Things are Looking Up

Shooting towards the surface is a vital compositional tool and it's really simple to achieve great shots like this.

Why we love The Barge

The Barge at Gubal Island is a hugely popular site, and not just for underwater photographers, check out why it's just a great all round dive site for everyone, regardless of ability.

How I Got the Shot – “Ele’s Bike” on the Thistlegorm

A bit of serendipitous co-ordinated thinking, led me to get these shots of the famous oft-pictured motorbike on the Thistlegorm.

Whip yourself into shape…

A blog post about a relatively common but difficult to shoot creature, that is a test for your diving and photographic skills.

How I Got The Shots – Background to a close encounter……

A blog about finding a great background and subject, rather than just subject alone, but well worth the wait.

Come out of your comfort zone!!

It's easy to get too comfortable and complacent with your photography, and you sometimes have to come out of your comfort zone to learn new things.

How I got the shot – Sha’ab Claudia

Another quick post about how I got the shot. This shot was taken very recently on our Simply the Best Photo trip, and we were...

How I got the Shot-Double Busy !!!!

Being prepared for what you can see about to occur, is an invaluable skill in all photography.

Scuba Travel summer offers

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