Thursday, June 21, 2018

Crew Cut – Don’t forget to include the dive boat staff

Don't just confine your shooting to under the water, get some topside action shot too. Duxy shows how you can liven up your portfolio with some pictures using the crew as your models.

Brush Tool Real World Edit – Focus Blur Nudi

How to use the brush tool to subtly accentuate one area of the picture by brushing another area.

Brush Tool Frog Fish Actual Edit

Final edit of the Frogfish using the Brush Tool.

Using the Brush Tool in Adobe Lightroom Part 2-Auto Mask and Erase

Part two of the blogpost on using the brush tool in Lightroom covering Auto Mask and Erase

SPECIAL OFFER!!, and a quick demo video of Adobe Photoshop Content Aware Tech.

Hi folks, this isn't a regular blog post more a quick freebie demo and a special offer for the folks booking onto our upcoming...

Real World Test – Nauticam G7X housing and Canon G7X- Part 4

In part three of my findings about the Canon G7X I looked at a very specific advantage to this particular camera, and its ability...

Real World Test – Nauticam G7X housing and Canon G7X- Part 2

Part two of the Canon G7X and Nauticam housing blogpost, covering using different lenses on the same dive. All of the shots bar the title slide were taken on the same dive.

Real World Test – Nauticam G7X housing and Canon G7X – Introduction

A first part to a real world test of a new Canon Camera and Nauticam housing combination.

Available Light Underwater Photography Pt4 “the extras”

The final part of my series on available light photography, covering some of the extras not covered in the previous three segments.

Can you keep a Secret?

Second part of the photo blog about Scuba Seraya out in Bali

Shark Quest Photography: Mario’s Trip report

Sitting back at my desk I had have a quiet moment to think about last week's trip. It was the first shark Quest photography...