Monday, July 15, 2019

Can you keep a Secret?

Second part of the photo blog about Scuba Seraya out in Bali

Available Light Underwater Photography Pt3 “solving the problems”

In part three of our available light series we will look at some of the pitfalls associated with shooting without strobes and what we do to overcome them.

Available Light Underwater Photography Pt1 “get wider”

Shooting available light is a great way to get quick and easy results, as long as you know the tricks of the trade. A four part series on mastering the skills necessary.

Underwater Snooting in four parts. Pt 3

In part one we looked at the practical technicalities of underwater snoots, and a couple of examples of snoots in use. And in part two...

Underwater Snooting in Four Parts. Pt 1

Snooting your strobes, made as easy as possible, part one of a series of four looking at the technical, subject choice and composition, editing and a final summary, of using this popular light modification tool in your underwater photography.

Striking whilst the irons hot……..

Try and take opportunities when they present themselves as the moment is often fleeting.

Planning and Shooting a Wreck Picture (part 3)

The final part of Wreck shooting, about how to safely shoot inside of a wreck.

The marvels of Maluku Macro

This is just a short recap blog taken from my most recent Facebook posts, on the Scubatravel page, it’s worth going and “liking it”...

Planning and Shooting a Wreck Picture (part one)

UPDATE !! Since I posted this I have done a more specific look at shooting the Ghiannis D a very popular and photogenic Red...

Adobe Photoshop CC2014 Content Aware Technology

A video blog about discovering and trying out some of the new Photoshop Content Aware Tools

Scuba Travel summer offers

Only one space left for this Get Wrecked trip. Only £1195 Sail away...
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