Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Sunbeams. You are my sunshine…..

How to capture those wonderful beams of light we encounter when diving but are sometimes difficult to capture faithfully.
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Lembeh Wide Angle

Is photography in the Lembeh Straits only about macro shooting? Duxy looks at some classic wide angle reef dives in this famous location.
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Underwater Snooting. Pt 3 creative use

In this final part of our snooting series I want to show how you can use a snoot to aim light through...
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Underwater Snooting – Pt2

In part one of Underwater Snooting we looked at the technical practicalities of using snoots. In part two we are going to...


Are you dreaming of sunshine, crystal clear waters and pelagics? I know we are! This week Destination focus blog will visit The Maldives....
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