Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Do Look in the Eyes

Why eye contact is a powerful communicative force in your underwater photography.

How I got the shot – Crew Cut

This shot was one of those happy accidents that I turned to my advantage one day when returning back to the boat after a...

How I got the shot – Fast Fish

Getting it in camera or faking it this post looks at how to effectively achieve motion blur in your shots

Adobe Lightroom’s Radial Filter Tool

I've recently posted a number of blogs about using Adobe Lightroom's Brush Tool which is my go-to tool of choice when making localised edits...

Using the Brush Tool in Adobe Lightroom

How to use the Brush tool in Adobe Lightroom, the simple stuff to start with and then the more advanced stuff in a later blog

Real World Test – Nauticam G7X housing and Canon G7X- Part 3

Part 3 of the Canon G7X and Nautical housing blog covering, a very specific feature of this camera. High speed strobe synching

Real World Test – Nauticam G7X housing and Canon G7X- Part 1

First real world outing of the Canon G7X and Nauticam housing, with some of my pictures from my very first dive with it.

Taking the Liberty,

A diary blog about the Liberty Wreck a very short way from Scuba Seraya in Bali

Duxy’s Winter Warmer Photo Trip February 2015 Part Two

If you'd like to check out part one of Bertie's trip report please click here. It’s a well-known principle in underwater photography that the closer...

Available Light Underwater Photography Pt2 White Balancing.

Shooting available light underwater shot's is a combination of things. Using wide angle lenses is one but what about getting the colours correct?

Autumn is here – Time to get away? – Where will...

If you are looking for inspiration for your next trip we have some great offers here at Scuba Travel. Call us now to find...
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