Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Underwater Snooting in four parts – Pt2

Underwater Snooting - Subjects and Composition. Pt2 In part one of underwater snooting we looked at the technical practicalities of using snoots. In part two we...

Planning and Shooting a Wreck Picture (part 2)

Diving with a group part two of our short series on safely planning and shooting a wreck photo.

“Available Dark” or Shooting in Low Light

Learning how to control your camera to give you the best results in very low light conditions.

Getting Your Priorities Right-Shutter Priority Example 1

I was recently asked on our Mexico trip how best to shoot whale sharks from the surface, whilst snorkelling. I must confess this was the...

Only one flash?

How to make the best of only having one strobe, and even choosing to shoot like this out of preference.

‘We’re up all Dive to Get Lucky”

How being patient and working the shot can make you "luckier"

People in Your Pictures

  Getting Great Pictures of Your Pals Shooting people underwater, mmmmhh, now there's a thought I've entertained on many occasions, not always for the right reasons...

Appy to Spread the Word

Using iPhone Apps to help spread your Social Media presence, with Twitter ,Instagram or Pinterest as a dive club or dive related or photography related company.

Have an Appy New Year

A post looking at using in phone Apps to inject some fun and an alternative view of creativity into your photography.

Composition Corner- The Rule of Thirds

Composition Corner-Rule of Thirds In our initial look at how you compose a shot I used an example of texture and pattern to make a...

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