Project AWARE have long been encouraging people to organise clean up dives to help combat that perennial problem of rubbish making its way into our waterways and oceans.  Proejct AWARE organised their first clean up dive back in 1993 but this year it has taken on a fresh vigour.  Now you can Dive Against Debris.

What’s this?

At its core Dive Against Debris is still a clean up dive but rather than just collect the rubbish, Project AWARE are now compiling data on exactly what, where and how much waste is recovered… on a global scale.

September will see literally hundreds of Dives Against Debris in a dedicated month of action.  And just to prove that they practice, what they preach, the Project AWARE team splashed in a Swanage this week to kick things off.

What is the info used for?

Once compiled the hope is that the data can be used to help change government polices to waste management.  As this is a global survey, Project AWARE hope that the data could be fed back into policy making in around 180 countries!

What can you do?

The easiest way is to GET INVOLVED! You can download a handy data card to help you identify the biggest threats to marine life and manage your data collection.

If you fancy joining a dive, follow this link to find out when your nearest Dive Against Debris will be.

If you are a club and want to put on your own local Dive Against Debris, follow this link for the organisers info pack.