Pygmy seahorses are one of the most tiniest creatures you can find on a reef.  Prolific across Indonesia and the Philippines especially, finding a tiny sea horse almost perfectly camouflaged on a sea fan when it is less than 2cm long is no mean feat… and makes us all so grateful for eagle eyed dive guides.  But what about taking photos?  What impact does this attention have on these fragile beasts and how can photographers moderate their approach to minimise any possible damage.

Dr Richard Smith is undeniably one of the experts when it comes to pygmies.  He has spend hundreds of hours underwater observing their behaviours and has taken some of the most remarkable images to back this up.  He has recently released a code of conduct.  Some of this might seem all too sensible but next time you get ready to snap away, take a moment to think about the poor little critter in your viewfinder.

  1. Do Not Touch Pygmy Seahorses
  2. Do Not Touch their Gorgonian
  3. Do Not Use a Torch/Flashlight
  4. Five Photo Limit per Diver
  5. No Artificial Light for Video
  6. No Night Diving with Pygmy Seahorses
  7. Beware of the Surrounding Environment