Just one of the breathtaking sights!

The Galapagos is on the top of most divers’ wish lists… and we don’t really need to explain why!  Hammerheads, rays, whalesharks and sea lions are just for starters.  But in a world where increasingly large numbers of people travel the globe, how do you balance such a fragile eco system to keep visitors happy and yet protect the unique beauty and wildlife that brings everyone here.

This is just the question that one of our fave film makers John McIntyre has been addressing for the BBC Fast Track programme.  He joined Tony earlier this year onboard the Galapagos Sky to see for himself how changes to the rules were working.  The National Park framework has been changed allowing access to new areas (eg Roca Redonda) but closing off others for land visit to give them a breather (eg. North Seymour).

Watch the short film online

Look closely and you can see our very own Tony Backhurst