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What do you think of Grand Sea Serpent?
"Thank you for a fantastic holiday. We enjoyed it sooooo much that we will be booking the same holiday next year." Steve 

"Hi Lee just a quick email to say that I had a amazing trip. The boat was even better in the flesh than in the pictures. I think I have got the bug for liveaboards from now on so you will be hearing from me soon. Thanks again," Chris.

"We’ve had an amazing week – hammerheads on only the 2nd dive, manta, dolphins – you name it we have had it. Grand Sea Serpent still has to be the best boat with the best crew and Kati & Will were brilliant. Huge thanks to everyone." Martin

5th April Save £240 now only- £1045
Join Grand Sea Serpent on the 5th April and dive the stunning Daedalus, Rocky & St Johns. These legendary dive sites come alive in April and as the sea is still cooler there are sure to be more shark sightings!
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12th April £1235
This special week on Grand Sea Serpent is hosted by Duxy who will be teaching you how to take to get the most out of your underwater photography. A must do trip for any budding photographer!
Call to book
0800 0728221
Dive Daedalus Rocky & St Johns!
Daedalus is the place for exhilarating drift dives and the first shark sightings of teh trip. Be it hammerheads at Daedalus or Rocky, grey reefs at Habili Jaffa (or small habilli, St Johns), there is plenty of reason to keep a watchful eye to the blue. Oceanic white tips cruise the shallows in the summer months, right through to the year end.

Rocky and Zabagad are mystical islands where ancient ancient Egyptians mined green gem stones from the dusty earth. Slender coral towers and plunging drop offs are the order of the day. Turtles mate on the southern shores of Zabagad.

St Johns is only a short hop away where diving is a thrilling mixture of sunken reef tops, steep walls and shallow caves systems. Rare bumphead parrot fish are commonly seen chomping hard corals at Habili Kebr (or big habilil) and Dangerous. Abu Bassala boasts fine anemone gardens, stonefish and baby white tips. The shallow cave systems to the north of St Johns are a fun and unusual dive. Returning north does not mean the end of this itinerary. The succulent coral gardens of Fury Shoal and Wadi Gamal are just as spectacular and finish the week with an exclamation mark.

Sport Diver Awards 2012!
Feature image 1Scuba Travel needs your help again. Sport Diver has opened up the voting for their 2012 awards covering a range of categories from Best Tour Operator to Best Liveaboard. if you think we should win in either or even both of these categories then we would really appreciate your vote. There are two big incentives for you to vote this year. Every vote is automatically entered into the Sport Diver prize draw giving you a chance to win one of two £5,500 prize packages:
Text 80058
SD VOTE TOUR SCUBA TRAVELthen your email address
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Cyclone Grand Sea Serpent Grand Sea Serpent Grand Sea Serpent
Enjoy a week in the sun on one of the UK’s favourite Red Sea Liveaboards. Departing from Sharm and visiting Wrecks & Reefs! Enjoy the beautiful Southern Red Sea in style on Grand Sea Serpent and dive the incredible Daedalus, Rocky and St Johns! Hosted by Duxy. Have a great week on this awesome boat and bring home some pictures you’ll be proud to show your friends! You won’t find a better boat to be on in the Southern Red sea over the May bank holiday. Enjoy Daedalus & Rocky at its best!
14th April £795! 5th April £1050! 12th April £1235! 2nd May £1235