As the bleak mid winter continues, let us inspire you with some extra ordinary diving holidays in 2012.

Photography in Indonesia

Are you a budding photographer? Want somewhere extra special for your 2012 diving holiday? Well it is hard to beat North Sulawesi, widely recognised by underwater photographers as THE place to take your camera. But if you don’t want to risk a trip to Indonesia and be disappointed with your pics, then why not brush up your camera skills with our dedicated photography expedition. Paul “Duxy” Duxfield of the brilliant Ocean Leisure Cameras team will be leading a trip to both Bunaken and Lembeh in September 2012. There will be 1:1 sessions, presentations and workshops along with a host of world class dives, all planned to help you get more out of your camera. And of course, a lot of laughs along the way too!

So what is it that makes this such a special destination for photographers? Well for starters the variety of photo opps in North Sulawesi is impressive. Lembeh is the undisputed critter capital of the diving world. The black sands, crazy macro life and calm sees make Lembeh a must see stop off. Get your macro lens working in overdrive in shallow waters. The list of unusual sightings in Sulawesi seems never ending. You can find seahorses and nudibranchs are in abundance. Then there are the Inimicus devilfish, dwarf lionfish, scorpionfish, pufferfish, mimic octopus, pegasus sea moths, frogfish, ribbon eels and flying gurnards. And this is just the tip of the critter iceberg! Move over to the Bunaken national park and swap to your wide angle for some classic wall shots as you drift along in endlessly good viz. On the wall dives turtles, eagle rays and napoleons are all common.

Go tek in Sri Lanka

Tek wreck diving has never been a hotter topic and it is at the forefront of diving exploration, constantly pushing the limits of our knowledge and endurance. But it is also a great excuse to travel to diving destinations few divers have ever seen. And this could not be truer than with our Ceylon Get Wrecked  itinerary in Sri Lanka. Visit this virgin wreck diving destination in true Scuba Travel comfort on board the liveaboard Aquarius and with our tek guru Mark Powell this June.

Now that peace has come to the country, the North East of Sri Lanka has opened up… giving tek divers access to the remarkable HMS Hermes to name just one of the newly discovered wrecks. The Hermes was the a pioneering aircraft carrier which met her watery end in 1942. Now she sits upright at 53m – perfect for exploration. This is a massive vessel and well worth several dives through the decks and superstructure (30-40m). Tek wiz Mark will be running courses during the whole week so you can improve your skills to get even more out of your dives.

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