Us divers are a fairly jet set bunch and there is no end of glamourous places to go.  So it comes as no surprise that on most people’s wish list is Palau.  This tiny corner of Micronesia has it all – Second World War wrecks, more sharks than you can poke a stick at and huge amounts of marine life on wonderful reefs.  And then there is the world famous jelly fish lake where the jellies have lost their sting.  Who would not want to go!

Scuba Travel Director Angela Nordin is off to check it all out for herself.  Really there is only 1 way to visit Palau and that is on the Ocean Hunter fleet.  Their new liveaboard will be Ang’s home for the week as she dives iconic sites such as the Blue Corner, German Channel and Tisho Maru.

“The dive kit’s nearly all packed, tickets are printed, camera’s all ready and my passport is on the kitchen table. I’ve never been so prepared for a dive trip or so excited! I keep checking the pictures on our website just to remind myself of where I’m off too and it just looks amazing.

Talking to other divers who’ve been to Palau they all say its got it all. The best wrecks, huge pelagics and stunning reefs. All I can say is I love my job!”

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Have you dived in Palau? Tell us what your experiences were like!