Peter in the early years!

Many divers have heard of Peter Hughes, liveaboard pioneer, and he can regularly be found on board the lovely Galapagos Sky, his latest luxury liveaboard venture. But as Peter prepares to receive his Reaching Out Award at Dema this week, we are taking a moment to look back at the early years.

The Reaching Out Award is given to individuals for “significant contributions to the sport which have elevated the industry for us all”. This is an apt description of Peter’s work in the dive industry. His first breaths on scuba were taken in the early 1970s and it was not too long before Peter earned his first instructor certification at YMCA, number 000 00 0003! From there he headed to the Caribbean, working across Roatan before setting up Dive Bonaire. It was here that Peter set up what has become the worldwide model of a dedicated dive resort.

In the mid 80s the first liveaboard came into being – the Sea Dancer. Over the following decades Peter Hughes Diving Inc grew to cover the globe. Today Peter is still as involved as ever and his newest organisation, DivEncounters is ever expanding to offer the most sumptuous liveaboard destinations. The key is all about the awesome experience here with holidays in Cocos, the Maldives, Galapagos… and there is also a rather tasty discount for repeat customers.

Congrats Peter – and cheers to many more happy year’s underwater!