You cannot escape Facebook, twitter… or any other social media outlet at all.  But in case you thought it was all just fluff, we are thrilled that social media have been a driving force for real change of late.  Several online campaigns have had great success in getting things changed.  2011 really is proving to be the year of people power and Scuba Travel have been cuffed to play our part!

This Water

This Water (owned by giants Innocent) recently ran a summertime promotion that included as one if its prizes a shark fishing trip.  This was very quickly picked up by Bite-Back who were straight on the case spreading the word.  A torrent of complaints flooded in to This Water who went on to retract the labels on bottles.  It appears poor wording was at the heart of this

“All trips will be catch-and-release expeditions and the sharks are kept out of the water just long enough to record valuable tagging information about the shark.”

Fish Fight

Celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is at the fore of bringing sustainable fishing to the public’s attention.  Along with fellow TV chefs, the Fish Fight has now had over 700 000 people sign up to the campaign and brought the dire state of our fishing stocks to everyone’s attention.  At both national and EU levels, the issues surrounding by catch are now firmly on the agenda for change.


Shout it to the world if you see 1 of these!

Bite-Back and the Shark Trust always ask people to report any negative shark related incidents to them and recently Tesco fell under their gaze.  A member of the public snapped a t-shirt with the logo “Reel Men fish for sharks” on the front.  The picture went onto facebook and within 24 hours Tesco had received so many complaints that they agreed to withdraw sale of the t-shirt.  We are just waiting for stocks to be removed from stores but if you see one, make sure you tell Tesco HQ!

These are just some of the most recent campaigns that have had brilliant outcomes.  Keep watching our pages for the next big thing!