Nobody gets you closer to the action in Sudan

We love this time of year – the start of the season in Sudan. Starting at 21st of September, the luscious steel hulled Royal Evolution recommences her voyages from Sudan. After the summer break (the water temp just drives all the sharks too deep for us mere mortals), Royal Evolution sails down from Marsa Alam in Egypt right down to the famous reefs of Sudan on a two week voyage.

Put yourself here!

Why sail from Egypt to Sudan?

Royal Evolution is THE way to reach Sudan in complete comfort.  The advantage of starting in Egypt is that not only do you get to dive areas such as St Johns, but you can also avoid any tiresome overnights in Cairo.  Nor do you have to endure the highs and lows of the Sudan Airways flight into Port Sudan.

Once you arrive in Sudanese waters the guides will complete the necessary paperwork and visas with the port authorities so you can just put your feet up, relax and get ready for your diving.  No messing about, no fuss – just adrenalin packed dives.

Stunning shots are just a phone call away!

What can you see?

Royal Evolution spends around 9 an a half days diving Sudan as well as Fury Shoal, St Johns & Elphinstone.  All the big name reefs are on the tour.  Fill your logbook with the romantic sounding Merlot or get a pelagic fix at Angarosh.  Dive the incredible Umbria wreck – the size of the Thistlegorm but far less dived.  Then there is the ConSelf, the remains of Cousteau saturation experiements, and the Blue Belt wreck, packed with trucks.

The highlight of the coming months will be the manta.  During Sept – Nov they aggregate in huge numbers in Meshrafi.  This is an ideal spot to snorkel.  The greys and reef sharks are a year round feature and as the water cools in our winter months, the hammerheads come out en masse.  Look closely on the plunging drop offs and you might be lucky enough to see a tiger shark!

How do I win a spot?

Simply grab yourself a copy of this month’s Dive magazine and answer the simple question – you have got to be in it to win it!  Good luck everyone!