Scuba divers are often at the forefront of marine conservation.  You don’t have to do much diving before you become aware of just how fragile the planet’s oceans and eco systems are.  So what can you do?  Well an easy first step is to support the Tank Bangers!  You might have seen the video already on Facebook or You Tube but how much do you know about the Tank Bangers?

Who are they?

Tank Bangers started off life as a group of dive instructors in Egypt who had some time to kill.  They made a spoof underwater music video to the Queen fave Bohemian Rhapsody to pass the time and it was met with an enthusiastic response.  Given this sucess, the team then decided to get more serious and this time to write their own song and shoot a video with the purpose of sharing their love of the water and hopefully encouraging others to protect it!

“The Tank Bangers aim to unite marine focused conservation groups and research initiatives around the world. Together we can shout a louder message that warns against the continued mistreatment of our world.”

The finished product

The finished video is 7 minutes long and has not only some stunning footage but it is a rather catchy ditty too!  Behind the scenes the team have logged literally hundreds of dives and thousands of takes over 10 months to get to the final cut.  But worth every moment – we hope you agree

How can you help?

It is simple to show your support for the Tank Bangers – donate!  Share the video with your friends!  Sing the song!  Enjoy

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