As a bunch of dive instructors, we know that dive holidays are only part of the equation. Learning to dive, keeping your skills fresh and sorting out your kit are all essential parts of being an active diver.

What is a Recommended Dive Centre?

Finding a reliable dive centre can seem a bit daunting – no matter if you are new to diving or an experienced diver.   If you are unsure about which dive centre can best suit your needs (especially when faced with an endless list on Google!), why not call the travel team.  We can help put you in contact with a local dive centre you can trust.

Not just anyone can become a recommended dive centre.  Scuba Travel are partnered with a hand picked group of dive centres across the UK who we recognise as the very best out there.  These are the people that we know will offer the best possible service all around.  They are a pretty friendly bunch too!

How can they help you?

  • Dive more!  Most of our recommended dive centres have active dive clubs.  This is ideal if you are looking for a new dive buddy or just want to get in the water more.
  • Club holidays – each of the centres organises a range of diving holidays.  Destinations are varied including the Red Sea, Maldives, Malta or even further afield.  And if you cannot make the club dates, they will still be able to take the hassle out of an individual booking for you and deal with the paperwork
  • Organise training – from refreshers to specialist courses, training can be arranged in a number of ways.  You can get yourself ready for your next dive holiday or even book training to complete while you are away.
  • Great kit deals!

Find out where your nearest Recommended Dive Centre is!

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