The view from your room?

It is easy to see why for many divers, the Maldives ranks as one of the all time great dive holidays.  Year round warm water (27-28 hmmmmm) and stunning scenery are guaranteed.  But what makes diving in the Maldives so special over the winter months?  Here are our top 5 reasons to book a winter dive break to the Maldives this year!

1) Escape the UK weather – who would not want to leave the drab, chilly UK behind for a week or more of endless sunshine?  Our winter months are traditionally the flatest for sea conditions in the Maldives and best weather.  The days are longer there too than our winter days!

 2) Visit iconic dive sites – there are just some dive sites that you should have in your log book and a lot of these are concentrated in the Maldives.  In Ari atoll there is the increible Maya Thila.  During the day sharks patrol but it is at night that this tiny reef top comes alive with white tips, huge morays and marble rays hunting.  In the Northern atolls, Christmas Tree Rock is a firm favourite.  Not only is the natural rock formation a must see but you can also find baby white tips, large schools of snapper and bait fish and of course turtles!

Wow! What a rush

3) Dive with pelagics – the Maldives is most famous for the cleaning stations that draw massive manta in.  Tuck yourself in low down and watch as they swoop in and hover to be cleaned.  The dense plankton concentrations also draw in whalesharks.  Then there are the sharks.  Rasdhoo, Hafsa thila, Orimas… these are just some of the sites where you can dive with hammerheads, greys or reef sharks (including some adorable baby reef sharks).

 4) Combine liveaboards and resorts – the Maldives is not just for honeymooners!  Many divers opt for a liveaboard holiday and then top up their holiday with extra time in a resort.  We have a range of hotels that combine seamlessly with liveabaords.  Walk off the boat onto your island paradise.   We can tailor make an holiday for your perfect experience.

 5) Island living – if you fancy living the Robinson Crusoe lifestyle then no where can be better than the Maldives.  The laid back atmosphere is inescapable and in a matter of moments, you will feel the stresses and strains drop away.

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