Smoking Hot Summer Offers

Smoking hot savings this summer in the Maldives. From as little as £1795 this August you too could be enjoying a magical week on Orion, sparkling and fresh from dry dock. Emperor Serenity continues to impress, with her huge cabins and spacious decks – and from as little as £1845 this September! It’s hard to […]

Pygmy Seahorse – Hippocampus bargibanti

Today’s fish is one of the hardest to find but most beautiful critters you can see on the reef, the Pygmy Seahorse! The Pygmy seahorse, also known as the Common Pygmy Seahorse or Bargibant’s pygmy seahorse, is one of the smallest members of the Sygnathidae family. The Sygnathidae family, which contains the seahorses, seadragons and […]

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The mighty Thistlegorm

Not every subject swims around. Wreck are as popular with divers as reefs and marine creatures and each one has its own charm and unique angles.   It’s time to treat these gigantic lumps of metal and wood as we treat our fish friends, looking for the right angles and perspectives. This blog aims to […]

When it comes to your hard earned diving hols, there’s no need to settle for second best. Scuba Travel are here to make your summer diving sizzle – Go on jump in! We have some great last minute offers.    Save £250 Summer 2017 Scubaspa, Maldives from only £2395 Our hot holiday of the week […]

Mastering Macro with Martyn

Following on from leading my first workshop with Scubatravel in the Philippines in May this year I thought it might interest readers to see how I approach my macro and close-up photography. There are of course some basics to understand and you need the right lens and lighting equipment to get good shots. However your […]