Friday, October 20, 2017

The diver in your shot

On this blog I try to give tips and advice on how to shoot different creatures, some can be elusive and shy others bold...

Shark Photography in the Red Sea

The Red Sea offers plenty of opportunities and subjects for an underwater photographer. From late October to mid-January oceanic whitetip sharks are a common...
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Here come the turtles

Dragon Seamoth –  Eurypegasus draconis

For the next leg of our macro adventure, we are going to look at something really bizarre, the Dragon Seamoth! Dragon Seamoths, also known as...


Looking for a last minute trip to the Maldives or Red...

Cyclone 22nd October - Northern Red Sea Wreck and Reefs last 2 spaces £1375 Save £300 on this fantastic trip with a Sunday departure. Spend...

Where will you go for your next fix of diving thrills?

Now Autumn has officially started its more important than ever to get your fix of blue sky and warm seas! Scuba Travel have some...

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What’s a Red Sea photo workshop really like?

My usual blog is blog is designed to give fellow photographers tips on how to photograph specific subjects, but this time I’m deviating a...



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