Title picture about blogpost about content aware technology.

Hi folks

I was just catching up on some photo editing this afternoon, and I finally relinquished and gave in to Adobe’s “suggestions” to at the very least give their new deal a try out.
Ok, its not such a new deal, and as far back as late last year they have been sending me marketing emails extolling the virtues of their news purchasing scheme.
What do I care? I already own and use Adobe Lightroom and I supplement it with another Adobe product which is Photoshop Elements 10
So why should I pay what is currently just under £9 a month for Adobe Lightroom and the full blown version of Photoshop which is titled CC2014?
This will entitle you to the full editions of the software, as far as I can see forever, as long as you pay them the monthly fee, with automatic updates as they appear.

Earlier today I had a couple of pictures up on the screen, and they were annoying me, because a diver, rather inconsiderately I thought, was hiding amongst a small group of Anthias, with a single fish obscuring his top half.
And I would have much preferred that the said aquanaut, was positioned nice and neatly in the negative space at the bottom left of shot.

Now I’m no sort of Deity, as some others lay claim to be 😉  nor can I go back in time, so I was stuck with the shot, and many others I might add that fall short, in many ways. And wouldn’t it be nice if I could make the diver appear in the preferred spot, and not be occluded by a bright orange fish?

How cool would that be?
I know that Photoshop experts have been doing this thing for many years now, but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting in on a marathon editing session, and you’ll only do it once, its not that exciting, you will realise that veritable wonders can be worked, and pixels pushed in all sorts of weird and wonderful directions.
This though has often put me off using full blown Photoshop a lot though.
a) because of its complexity to learn and
b) because of its cost.
As someone who champions newbie underwater photographers and attempts to share with them useful knowledge. I tend to share stuff that I find easy to learn, I’m just an average bloke (who tends to waffle on a bit) and I figure if I can learn it and find it straightforward then so, hopefully, can others.

So diving in today, with the aim of going with Adobe’s new £9 a month rental scheme for Lightroom and Photoshop CC I wanted to see if it was going to be worth it to me, so I shone a critical eye on one particular aspect of Adobe’s new software algorithms, which is the Content Aware tools, with a 30day trial version.

This video is about 15mins long and is just me playing with, for the second time today, some of those new tools. And I can report that I found the whole thing very straightforward and intuitive, and so, I hope will you.
This is not a tutorial as such, just me playing with the software and talking at the same time, I just wanted to get it up as soon as possible.
I loved it and to be honest it has rejuvenated my interest a little, in just what is achievable.
And just because your intended picture doesn’t work out at the time of capture, which can be for a million reasons outside of your control, then take the best shot you can and then endeavour to fix it.
One caveat though is that if you are a regular competition entrant then this sort of “hocus-pocus ” and “new fangled jiggerpokery” won’t usually be tolerated, and I have heard of folk getting ceremonially drummed out of various clubs for such revolutionary actions ! So beware;)
And have fun.
I get to the really fun stuff about 5mins in, and as I said I wanted to get this up quickly today, so haven’t done any editing or messing about with the recording.
I hope you enjoy it.
p.s. click on the YouTube tab at the bottom right of the video to see it in FullHD