Now you see me, now you don’t…


A couple of weeks ago I posted a video blog about getting rid of backscatter using the history brush technique with Adobe Photoshop, check out the post and please click here.

Prior to that I laid the groundwork and made another video showing how you can quickly move between Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop enhancing and increasing your potential with both of these programs contained with the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography download.

Increasingly I am using both programs equally whilst editing these days as Adobe has made it much easier to do so.

A few years back I hardly used Photoshop, and opted primarily for Adobe Lightroom as it was more straightforward to use, however as my skills have developed and Photoshop has gained some great new, very useful tools, I have slowly integrated it more and more into my workflow.

This video looks at how to effectively remove or move larger objects in your shots.
It’s 22mins long although the main technique is covered in the first 10 mins, I then go on to find a real world example of putting this technique into practice and give a tiny glimpse into a possible workflow.

It was recorded after a large coffee,very early morning so you might be able to tell !!!






Hope you find this useful, if you’d like further tuition using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, why not learn whilst away on a photography themed or Relaxed itinerary with me, either in the Red Sea or further afield I have lots of upcoming trips, it would be great to have you along.
Here is the link to my trips page. Please click here

And please check back soon for further blogs like this..