Freediving, Yoga and a Red Sea Relaxed Trip


How hard could it be? Integrating a free diving excursion with Emma Farrell and five free divers, with the rest of our boat filled up with regular divers, you know the type, the ones with tanks and regulators as opposed to the other type with the really long fins and super sleek suits doing it all on the one breath.

Emma (Farrell) free diving supremo and tutor to the stars, and I had discussed the proposition at the dive show and over quite a few phone calls and emails as to the logistics of the trip. Which to be honest I knew would be relatively straightforward to incorporate both groups smoothly, but when the variable of the open sea and the weather is concerned it’s wise to not get too complacent about these things.

A trip report from a buddy pair of our guests is forthcoming in next weeks blog, but we ended the week with some happy smiling faces all round and Emma and I managed to keep both groups happy, aided and abetted by the excellent crew and our guides Reda and Adel onboard Whirlwind.


The fish wont swim where you want them to?


It’s a thorny  (finny) problem, you can direct human beings more or less, and you yourself can maneuver  into a great position, but what do you do when the fish won’t behave?

What I mean is that all other elements in your shot is fine but the shot is potentially spoilt by a badly placed fish or three?

You need to resort to some clever photo editing, and part and parcel of my escorted itineraries is to teach those that want to learn how to do so, as with the best will in the world sometimes your shots are spoilt by an errant object that needs some removal.

This is much easier these days when you use Adobe Creative Cloud Photo, which comprises both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, and I’m going to share a video with you, showing how I removed the various problems highlighted in the below shot.
This is word for word pretty much what I showed when I was on the boat, but with a different shot at the time.

Here is the photo before and after,with the obscuring fish and backscatter removed on the right.


Anchor winch, Thistlegorm, Freediver photo edit, before and after
A close up of the before and after shots of Emma Farrell on the anchor winch of the Thistlegorm




And here is the finished edited picture full size.




Thistlegorm freediver on Anchor winch
This is the picture edited from within Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop using the Content Aware removal tools




Below is the video how-to showing the steps of the procedure from beginning to end.



Useful Learning Links

I have demonstrated a variety of different content aware techniques before, from slightly different viewpoints so here are the links to the earlier blog posts.



Content Aware Cropping


Content Aware Technology

and here is my previous blogs on removing backscatter from your pictures.


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Easy Backscatter Removal Trick using Photoshop Elements


and heres how to get rid of larger objects in your shots.



Ok one final version of the shot of Emma to show you.


Adobe Photoshop Elements , zoom blurred layer technique shot.
A zoom blur shot using one of the backscatter methods a different way this time to produce the zoom blur.




I’ve used one of the techniques above in a different way to achieve the zoom blur effect, I will let you work out and guess which method I used 😉




My March Winter Warmer trip is almost full but I’ve got a few places left on the January/ February one so if you’d like to learn in the sunny conditions of the Red Sea on a very free and easy relaxed itinerary where you’ll get lots of opportunities to practice your underwater photography, then please contact the sales team.
Here is the link to the page.


It’d be great to have you onboard, and from GoPro to DSLR  you’ll have a great time and learn loads.