The Red Sea is looking pretty fine at the moment, and I guess it has something to do with the fact that for many reasons the sheer volume of divers has fallen back in the last couple of years.

If you are one of these folk who say, “I’ve seen all the Red Sea has to offer” or ” last time I was there it put me off because of the crowds” I would urge you to look again.

I’ve been diving the northern Red Sea for over 20 yrs and I can hand on heart say that it has never looked better.

Our last two Winter Warmer trips have been a huge hit with the guests and our new Red Sea Relaxed itineraries are timed and planned to take advantage of these awesome conditions. Those in the know are well aware of this which is why these trips are almost full.

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What I have noticed the most recently is the quality of the corals both hard and soft, and a few weeks back I did a blog highlighting one of the landmark sites I use for my itineraries, and will be keeping a closely guarded secret for our guests.
have a little peek at what it has to offer and click right here.

Keep checking back on our Facebook page as whilst I am away for the next two weeks I will still be posting blogs form the past and if I’m able net connections pending I will slip in a little blog from the Philippines.

Here’s a couple of pictures I shot recently to give you an idea of what I’m talking about re the quality and abundance of the corals.




Soft Corals at the secret pinnacle.
Soft Corals at the secret pinnacle.


Hard corals looking very fine in the Egyptian sun in the shallows.
Hard corals looking very fine in the Egyptian sun in the shallows.


These two shots above were taken using my fisheye lens and these conditions are ideal to get to grips with wide angle techniques, but if you’re a dyed in the wool macro lover, why not check out this blog to help you embrace the beauty of seeing the underwater world in the bigger view. Please click here to see it.


Try not to be put off by current world events, I have been to Egypt more than ten times in the last two years, and have never felt safer, they are bending over backwards to be hospitable and welcoming to us tourists, they always have done but it’s obvious that they are keen to show a positive and importantly safe impression at the moment more than ever.
I can assure you that if you do venture to this marvellous part of the world you will be rewarded with some of the best diving you’ll do in a long while.

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