Hi All

Duxy here. I have had a very busy Summer with our workshops starting in May with a trip down to the Southern reefs of the Red Sea to Fury Shoals and St Johns.

In June and July we had a very busy trip, with a full boat enjoying the last week of June and the first week of July at the Northern Wrecks and Reefs, with Ras Mohammed and Tiran being the standout highlights with everything from huge schools of Snappers,Batfish and Barracuda to Turtles, Schooling Masked Puffer Fish and even our very own Deco-Nudi!!!

New blog posts

I have completed a couple of blog posts to keep you occupied.

Working The Shot

Working The Shot

One is called Working The Shot and looks at how to approach
and make a shot by shooting and reviewing until you get all the bits in place for a great outcome.



How to shoot twirl shots.

How to shoot twirl shots.

The second one is about how to spin your world around by using twirls.



Getting Flash part 2

Getting Flash part 2

The last one  is a post covering basic flash exposure and different types of strobe positioning.
It’s called Getting even Flasher. Maybe download it onto your tablet or phone as a reminder.


The situation in Egypt

I am sure a lot of you are wondering about traveling to the Egyptian Red Sea and if it’s a safe destination. All I can say is from my own experiences over the last four months, it has never been better. I lived in Egypt for some time, and have a real love for the country and it’s people and they have always been famous for their hospitality, and welcoming nature.
Nothing has changed in that respect, in fact if anything they are going overboard
to ensure us Westerners have a great time. I always felt safe, and my Egyptian friends took great pains to reassure us that the Red Sea resorts are in very good hands.

They need our support and the best way to do that is for us to keep visiting.

Ok, the year is whizzing along at a great speed and very soon one of the highlights of the diving year will be upon us.
Yes, I am talking about the Birmingham Dive Show.
I will be speaking there again this year and I will be talking about shooting stills and video with modern cameras and managing all the data in an efficient and practical way. For those that don’t know me here is a picture of me for you to cut out and keep 😉



Alex and Martin

Alex Mustard and Martin Edge our associated Photo-Pro’s will be doing their popular double act.
This year looking at “What to Shoot and What to Ignore”
I am keen to see this in particular as maybe it would reduce my personal data-heavy workflow a bit!

Martin and Alex


Martin Edge

has just returned from Lembeh conducting one of his very popular workshops so I’m looking forward to seeing some amazing macro shots in the near future. He has a trip going to Ambon in march 2014 with places available, for more details click here. He is also offering a 2 for 1 Xmas deal on his UK Photocourses as long as people quote ScubaTravel when booking with him.


Alex Mustard

Philippines  and he had this to say about it. To find out more, click here “This is definitely about the finest of the Philippines: amazing remote diving, with lots of big animals, on pristine reefs that have been protected for 25 years, in the clearest oceanic water and staying in absolute luxury” All of this and he manages to still write a column for Diver mag called “Be The Champ”.

I have a couple of talks lined up one at Oxygene in Cranleigh alongside an old colleague of mine Mario Vitalini. We will be having informal workshops instore followed by talks about Scuba travel escorted photo trips and how they can benefit every diver. All levels and abilities welcome and we are particularly keen on the photo curious coming along. This will be on Thursday the 3rd of October and will be an evening affair.

Please bring along some of your shots, and we can give you a little taster of what happens on one of the photo trips.
I will then be doing a talk for the Stevenage Underwater Photographic Society on the 8th of October here is the link.