If using a small dome port, there is an element of imprecision to the whole procedure, I quite like the serendipitous nature of this though as sometimes it can work out.


What an interesting day, I’ve learnt a lot, the least of which is how to quickly and easily differentiate between the attendees of the Photography Show and the Comic Con who are both on at adjacent halls at the NEC this weekend and the next couple of days.

It’s dead easy, there are fewer Wizards, Elves, Stormtroopers or various Marvel characters attending the photo show, and this morning it was fairly easy deciding where the breakfasting Orcs at my hotel where going to today. They looked very scary,had broad Glaswegian accents and were brandishing  fearsome weapons but struggling to eat yoghurt and muesli with gore flecked  talons, which softened the effect somewhat.

Ok mythical creatures aside, there was a couple of questions which Lee and I got repeatedly today. And as I promised to people who would check into my blog and Facebook pages for the very first time, welcome aboard, and here are the various links to previous blog posts that I hope will address those questions.

To those of us outside of the world of diving and underwater photography, a lot of this may seem obvious, but there are lots of folk out there who have absolutely no idea what a Liveaboard is, or that Egypt is actually a really cool place and quite safe to visit.
and have no understanding of what it entails to take pictures underwater.

So here are the relevant blog posts and their title pages, please just click on the picture and it should take you to the relevant blog.
Now as this was a photo show and I work as Scubatravels Photography Travel Specialist, then of course the following content is slanted heavily towards the photo side of things, but please understand that even if you’re not an underwater photographer a photo itinerary won’t exclude you, in fact if you like nice easy relaxed diving then photo trips are great for this with or without a camera.





First Steps.001
Taking your first steps into underwater photography…….




Ok, the next commonest question was ” what’s a liveaboard?” and so after answering that and showing pictures, people would then ask for the price, and without exception were astonished that you got all that diving, food and including the flights for approximately a grand for a week in the Red Sea,and they then wanted to know a bit more about what exactly happens on a photo liveaboard so here is a another blog that should hopefully answer this. Just click on the picture below.





A slow "shutter dragged" picture of a turtle enhancing the sense of motion in the picture. I have written a few blog posts about this technique which is a favourite of mine to see one please click here.
What happens on an Underwater Photo Workshop???


To prove that it’s not all turtles here’s a pair of very old dolphin pictures that I shot with a Canon Ixus and a fisheye lens nearly ten years ago to answer another question posed many times today, which was “why are you underwater photographers so obsessed with super wide angle and fisheye lenses”
To find out click the picture below.


Both these shots were taken nearly ten years ago now, on a basic digital compact camera, no strobes, only natural light, and custom white balance.
Why we love wide angle and fisheye lenses….




There were also a few discussions about using available light so here is the blogpost for those that asked those questions. Once again just click on the shot below.




Title Slide for Available Light Underwater Photography Pt 1
Multi part blog on shooting available light underwater photography


Another common question from the non divers was where can I get my “PADI”
So after googling there local dive shop for them, I suggested that they perhaps think about an “Open Water Referral” so that they could do the book work and pool sessions at home and then perhaps join me on one of my Relaxed or Winter warmer itineraries, which has proven a great way for newbie divers to get some great diving instruction in better surroundings than a pool, whilst at the same time not compromising the other divers onboard, as we invariably share the same goals, and that is staying put at photogenic, usually shallow dive sites, whilst us established divers enjoy the dive freedoms that my itineraries allow us more experienced souls.

So here is the rundown of our Relaxed trips starting this May.




Red Sea Relaxed-3
Our new Red Sea Relaxed trips, for folk who like very photogenic dive sites combined with freedom in diving and a slower pace.




And finally for the couple who asked me the very specific questions about shooting split shots, here’s the link to that post in the shot below.



How to shoot a sunset split...
How to shoot a sunset split…




So a very big thank you to all those dive and underwater photo curious people that visited Lee and I on our stand at The Photography Show, it was lovely speaking to you all and an eyeopener to the bigger photo world at large, please keep checking into the blog, and I meant it when I said to get in touch if you want camera and housing purchasing help, and that I will give you an unbiased opinion and point you in the right direction for the best deals.