Another quick post about how I got the shot.

This shot was taken very recently on our Simply the Best Photo trip, and we were lucky enough to tack on a visit to Fury Shoals a little further south than we’d usually go on this itinerary.

Shooting inside caverns and caves presents specific technical problems, and I’ve covered a lot of the technicalities in an earlier post so please click here.

Another post that you may find useful with respect to available light shooting is available here.

I am shooting here with a fisheye lens, and am using a little flash to fill in the shadows in the foreground. I use a very wide angle lens to help get the clarity in the shot, it simply means that I can get much closer to the subject matter, and the less water you shoot through the clearer the pictures. To see another explanation of why this is click here.

Once I had got my exposure how I wanted it I simply had to wait for a diver to swim into frame, I am also careful about recording the bubbles in as aesthetically pleasing a way as possible, and I prefer the bubbles to extend not all the way to the surface, but around a third of the shot here, and neither do I like the exhaled bubbles to be just emerging from the back of the head of the diver.
This may mean taking a couple of shots to ensure I’ve got the right one in the bag, so you’ve got to work quite quickly.

You could of course get your buddy to pose for you, and how I do this is I take the shot without them in it, fin across to them, and show them the picture and where I would like them to be, direction they are pointing etc, and return back to my spot and get the picture when they are in the right position.

I love this type of picture where the single diver is very small in the frame, as it only heightens the sense of scale conveyed and replicates what you see, but more importantly, feel when in situations like this.
And a great choice of picture when showing our non diving friends why we like our great hobby.




A scale conveying picture, shot at Sha'ab Claudia at Fury Shoals in the Southern Red Sea.
A scale conveying picture, shot at Sha’ab Claudia at Fury Shoals in the Southern Red Sea.


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