Scatter Back in Time


A couple of years back I posted a very popular blog about removing backscatter from your underwater shots using a combination of Adobe Lightroom and the slimmed down version of Photoshop called Elements.
And if you’d like to remind yourself of that please check it out and click here.

To be absolutely honest though as time has marched on I have of course been delving into using the full blown version of Photoshop and explored a number of other techniques to get rid of annoying blobs and particles in your pictures.
One of which is called the History Brush technique, I can’t lay claim to this at all, as I first saw it being demoed awhile back before I had upped my Photoshop skills enough.

So in the past year, and partly because I have the new subscription version of Adobe Creative Cloud photography, which I think is a bargain at under a tenner a month.
I have been practicing moving between the two programs more and more.
To see how to set up your camera and to learn a little bit about brush skills please have a look at my blogpost from a couple of days back where I show you how to set up Lightroom for working with Photoshop and some timesaving tips to keep control of your Photoshop PSD files. Please click here.

Below is another video running through the technique. I will go through it slowly at first and then do a quick recap at the end to help it fix in your mind.
Hope you find it useful.

Next up when I return from our first Red Sea Relaxed will be a video showing how to get rid of larger unwanted things, your buddy maybe? from your underwater pictures. And how to access some of the cool Content Aware tools from with Photoshop.

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