Gena and Elena



Well not exactly in 3D but definitely with an extra dimension to the usual single person trip report.


I realised on the last two Winter Warmers that I am starting to get a big variety of different  types of photographer on the trips, so I asked three of our most recent trip-goers if they didn’t mind writing me a trip report from their own particular viewpoints.


Different Strokes

The only thing that I stipulated was that these three people had never been away on a photo trip with me previously and that they all were using very different types of camera kit.
So I chose someone who shoots with a compact camera Cat Briggs, and someone else who had just acquired a new mirrorless Micro4/3 camera, Gennady Elfimov, and also a regular DSLR user who has been on many photo trips previously, Stuart Gibson.



Cat Briggs

Our trip was on MV Whirlwind to the Northern Red Sea on my annual Winter Warmer excursion, which is proving very popular with it’s combination of freedom and relaxed pace. We are running a similar itinerary in the Summer months called Red Sea Relaxed and to see what that entails just click here.

So firstly I will point you at the link from Cat Briggs a very keen UK diver, and keen underwater photographer, shooting with a Canon compact camera and strobes.

Just click on the link here or on Cat’s picture below and it will take you to her report on the trip.




Cat Briggs
Cat Briggs Trip Report




Stuart Gibson

Next up we’ve got Stuart Gibson who has been shooting  many years underwater with a  Nikon DSLR camera and Subal housing, he’s a very keen diver and underwater photographer.

So click here or the picture below to find out what Stuart thought of Duxy’s photo trip.


Stuart Gibson
Stuart Gibson


Gennadi and Elena Elfimov

Finally we have Gennady (and wife Elena) who has made the jump from being a new diver and now has a quantity of dives under his weight belt. He had recently decided to change his camera from a basic compact point and shoot camera to a new Olympus mirrorless camera and a strobe, so this was his first outing with this setup.

I was quite nervous that he got on well with it as I had recommended the system for him to buy just prior to the trip!
Sorry it’s been a few weeks for our final Winter Warmer trip report to appear but I’ve been away on another photo trip.
Definitely better late than never though is the trip report from Gennady Elfimov and a few words from his wife Elena who attended the trip as a non photography diver.

Please click here or on the picture of them below to take you to their impressions of one of Duxy’s photo trips.






I would just like to take the time to say a very big thank you to our guest bloggers Cat, Stuart and Gennady.

It was a pleasure diving with you all and I look forward to doing the same sometime in the future.

If you’d like to join me on a photo trip then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and check out my upcoming trips page and please click here.