Ahoy there - Captain JC in full regalia

Scuba Travel have scoured the length and breadth of the UK to find top dive centres to become part of our Recommended Dive Centre programme.  One of these centres in the lovely DiveStyle over in Reading and in 2011 John Campbell, the boss over at DiveStyle, finally realised one of his greatest dreams… to become a pirate and recruit a scuvry crew.

With the Pirate Club reaching its 70th member, it was time to celebrate.  And how better to celebrate than by going on a nice holiday with Scuba Travel. 22 pirates boarded a plane to Sharm el Sheikh on the 3rd of December heading for the good ship Hurricane.  With pirate names ranging from “Pirate Horn Blower” to “Captain William Anchor”.  There was no stopping the club members from getting into the spirit of becoming scurvy sea dogs

Mid week the traditional best dressed pirate award ceremony was held with Pirate Paul Randall winning an Oceanic BCD for his efforts.  Les Ruse came second and won a £50 voucher followed by Jeanette Kirby and Kelly Pear both winning a £25 voucher in third place.  The morning after the pirates donned their unifroms, slipped into their scuba gear and took the pirates underwater.

The week was a great success and the DiveStyle Pirates will be planning more pirate adventure in 2012.  Why not join us?