A pair of dolphins come in closer to give Jo the once over.

Jo Lamont reviewing her images in the rib, just after our great encounter.

Hi all. For me the day started not so well,day two of our Wrecks and Reefs on MV Mistral and I had a gummy ear, so I sat out one of my favourites the wreck of the Ghiannis D.  Predictably as these things often are, our group on the MV Mistral, encountered a pod of dolphins on the way back from the site, many of them getting shots and snorkelling with the cheery beasts. Of course this made me feel a little sorry for myself. So, determined to sort out the dodgy lug, I used various medicaments both oral and nasal to help ease the annoying blockage.

Feeling slightly clearer I ventured out on the rib towards our next site around the corner from the Barge, at Bluff Point, the Ulysses. The weather this week has been exemplary and mostly wind free, so the journey was great. Not so my negative entry! After rolling in without too much aggro, I felt like it was a bit of a struggle to descend. And it would have been a lot easier if I had been in possession of both my weight pockets!

I saw the errant lead pouch spiralling downwards. So swiftly following as best I could, and it was a bit of an effort,  my body fighting like a large cork to make its way back to the surface. I tracked the lead to the bottom and with the help of our videographer GG I replaced it. Now a bit out of breath and down about 50 bar, I carried on with the dive. Ulysses is a pretty little wreck with all sorts of marine life, Sergeant Majors furiously guarding their eggs, Flabellinas, and an open boiler room jam packed with swirling glass fish, were just a small selection of the life we saw.

My payback for my perseverance though, was on my slightly earlier than usual safety stop. Our guide Val snorkelled down to alert me to the presence of some visitors. Our dolphin friends had decided an encore was on the cards, and a fair few of them stuck with us for about five minutes. Even when we had to get out and back on the rib, we ditched our dive kit and snorkelled with the playful creatures for a good half and hour. Unbeknownst to us though, was that the first rib load back to Mistral moored atop the Barge, had also had a visit right off the back off the boat. So all of us have had a dolphin day, and there are loads of pics to show. I have some of my own of course, but I thought I would share Jo Lamont’s piccies, as I thought they typified our marvellous encounter.
I have also put a couple of the crew snorkelling off the boat too as they got swept up in the general bonhomie of a great days diving.

Dolphins give Jo Lamont a quick fly past, after her dive on the Ulysses.
Pete Wardle another of our lot with some nice shots to treasure.
Val Crucilla, MV Mistrals dive guide poses in her shades after a nice day at the office. 
Two of the great crew members from Tornado Marine’s MV Mistral and MV Whirlwind snorkelling at the back of the boat looking for our flippery friends.