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It’s a well-known principle in underwater photography that the closer you get to your subject, the clearer your image. Because getting close is key, a minority gives underwater photographers a bad reputation for touching and damaging the environment. As a hard-core nature nerd, I’m practically in tears any time I see someone touching the coral or when I accidentally clip it myself. As a result, I was very grateful to discover that Duxy shares the same passion for the environment and during the week, really stressed the fact that the marine life comes first and the photo, second.


Because of my fear of reef contact, I look for pictures that I can get when diving rather than looking for subjects. Duxy really pushed me to practice hovering in different body positions to decrease the number of photo opportunities I would previously have turned down.



In my last blog post, I recounted an incredible encounter I had with a female bottlenose dolphin and her calf. I also mentioned that I had another, particularly amusing, dolphin encounter with my legendary dive buddy Tony ‘Goose’ Neal. Here it is…





Duxy’s Winter Warmer trips are very popular and get booked up very quickly, so we are putting two on in 2016 here is the link to the February one and the March 2016 one is here

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