Egypt:  Now we all know this is a great time to see thresher sharks in the Southern Red Sea but these rare sharks are not normally seen in the north… until this week!  Divers on Whirlwind saw a lovely thresher cruise over the saddle between Shark and Yolanda.  To wrap the dive up there was a white tip at Yolanda for the end of the dive.

Maldives:  Divers at Kuredu are more used to watching the marine life than handling it but divers stepping in to help a turtle who had got tangled in a net.  Well done to the team who gently freed the turtle on board the boat before releasing him back into the water to swim happily away.   Down around Male the manta sightings continue to come in thick and fast on Orion which what seems a manta dive every day!

Socorro:  Sail out Revillagigedos and  you never know what you might just run into.  And it was a day for big encounters at Socorro island this week! Divers on Solmar V had great giant manta encounters on every dive, found a big tiger shark towards the end of dive two and watched as a whale shark circled from above on dive 3! To top it off, during the surface interval they watched humpback whales gently swim past the boat!

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