Egypt:  The first of the Oceanics has been spotted!  Over the course of the summer an increasing number of these lovely (but serious) sharks appear on the back on the big walls (Daedalus, the Brothers & Elphinstone).  Interestingly they are most often juvenile females.  Hammerheads are still out to play at Daedalus.  And the dolphin sightings are still coming in thick and fast in the northern Red Sea, with many of our guests getting a chance to go and snorkel with them.

Fiji: Fiji is famous for the phenomenal corals that thrive there but the marine life is pretty special.  Island Dancer’s guests got their macro fix in plus blue ribbon eels.  Big fish started with manta right on the first day and finished with an astonishing swirl of sharks and groupers all competing for food right in front of their eyes. Nigal Shark Alley is one dive this group will never forget.

CocosUndersea Hunter are the experts in Cocos and let’s face it, hammerheads are kind of standard in Cocos.  In their hundreds (yes it really is that good!).  But this past trip the extra special sightings included a whaleshark, tiger shark and even a humpback whale.  Want a fast way to boost your big fish tally?  This has to be it!

Liven up your summer with diving memories you will treasure

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