Egypt:  It might be winter here in the UK and pretty chilly to boot, but down in Egypt the diving remains as hot as ever.  Last week at Little Brother divers saw hammerheads.  As the water cools down a few degrees, the hammerheads come up into the shallows.  Perfect.  And the super spot of the week surely has to be a tiger shark which is a rare sighting in Southern Egypt but always wonderful to see.

Maldives:  Orion has had a great week for the big fish.  They kicked off with 5 manta at Manta Point and then wrapped up with two whalesharks at Kudu Rah Thila.  And of course all the fish, morays and turtles in between.  Love it – this is why the Maldives remains such an all time great winter sun getaway.

Indonesia: The diving in Ambon and Sorong in Indonesia is really about those strange critters that you cannot really find in other waters.  And the last trip on Mandarin Siren was no exception.  The week started with a sighting of not 1 but 3 Ambon Scorpion fish, closely followed by leaf scorpion fish, pygmy seahorses and wobegongs.  But it was not just macro.  There was a hammerhead and then as they rounded into Raja Ampat the manta sightings began.

Let your diving brighten up the winter!