Egypt: Grand Sea Serpent started this week’s tour off in true style – a whaleshark on the check dive.  We are on tenter hooks to know what else they are going to see this week!  Last week was no less impressive with hammerheads, a thresher and dolphins.  But the star surprise was a hammerhead at the shallow dive site Malahi in Fury Shoal.  Not sure who was more surprised though… the divers or the shark!

Maldives:  The Maldives is most famous for the big pelagics but did you know that you can see dolphins too?  The divers from Kuredu were enjoying a dive at the gorgeous Christmas Tree Rock when 4 dolphin came blazing through for all to enjoy. Well done to Hannah whose skills as a quick shot got the pics to prove it.

Philippines:  Philippine Siren is in a prime location to see the stunning macro lift that makes these reefs a must see.  On this week’s trip they saw sea horses, blue ringed octopus and ornate ghost pipefish.  But the macro sightings soon gave way to the big fish!  The thresher sharks were a complete delight but there was also a huge school of sardines, barracuda and jacks.  Wonderful diving for all!

Don't let the action pass you by!