Egypt: As the summer romps on and the hammerheads cruise off the back of Jackson reef, Elphinstone and Daedalus, the sightings have been superb.  Eagle rays in Tiran were a brilliant start to Mistral‘s week.  Shark & Yolanda is starting to throng with snapper, baracuda and bat fish – one of the most thrilling sights in Sharm!  And congrats to James & Caroline who got engaged on board.  We wish you all the best!

Tenerife: Aqua Marina have been getting down to the business of cleaning up their local beach.  Unfortunately, the main problem they have is the rubbish that blows from the beach and into the water.  Over the months this builds up, causing a hazard to the local marine life.  Plastic is a real problem, especially for turtles.  And all the hard work has paid off.  The site is looking sparkling and the instructors are pleased that in the end, they cleaned up less rubbish than last year – all positive signs.

Indonesia: Indonesia is generally considered a critter paradise but Komodo is one of the regions in this massive island chain that boasts stupendous big fish encounters (along with Raja Ampat).  Indo Siren, sister ship to Mandarin Siren in Indonesia, was on a tour of Komodo and the surrounding islands last week when right at the end of a dive a surprise visitor arrived on the reef – a mola mola.  These crazy looking fish are a really rare sighting so the chance to dive with one was just the icing on a wonderful diving cake.  The trip had already yielded mantas, eagle rays, shark sightings a plenty and barracuda.

Just some of the diving you could experience this summer!