Egypt: Oxygene Surrey have just got off the plane, fresh and tanned from their trip on Grand Sea Serpent last week.  And it was a week to remember.  The water down south is still a wonderful 26 and 27 degrees.  Positively toasty.  The Simply the Best itinerary lived up to its name with  sharktastic week for all.  The grey reef cleaning station was in full action, with grey reefs hovering jaws agape to be cleaned.  Hammerheads at Daedalus and Elphinstone and dolphins off the back of Daedalus.  For the tekkies on board, there was even a thresher sighting down at depth on the Zealot wreck.  The flat weather just topped off the week.

Maldives:  After some dives you might think, well I could hang my fins up now!  And this week on Orion the guests most certainly had a dive that will stand out as one of the all time greats for their guests.  At Bodufinolhu Thila in South Ari Atoll there were no less than (ready for it!) 30 mobula, a manta, 5 white tip reef sharks and 2 leopard sharks.  Then to complete the show, a whaleshark cruised past the divers right at the end.

Philippines: The folks at Malapascua Exotic resort are the experts at finding thresher sharks.  But this week they have been stumped.  One of the guests, Steve, returned from a dive at Ubang Bato with a photo of a mystery fish.  It looks a bit like a pipefish but we are not sure… answers on a postcard folks!

Anyone know what this critter is?