Egypt: Grand Sea Serpent have had a shark tastic week.  Hammerheads were seen at Daedalus, silky sharks at Elphinstone and whilst the tek divers were having a look at the Maiden (Rocky, approx 90m) a couple of grey reef sharks came in for a closer look.  The dolphin sightings have also continued to flood in from the Northern Red Sea.  Thanks to the folks on Mistral for this week’s beautiful shot of the pod.

Maldives: Whalesharks are one of the Maldives most popular residents (well who does not want to see this lovely plankton eater!).  But normally most encounters are snorkeling.  So it was an added bonus to see a whaleshark during a dive on Orion this week.  He came close to divers not once but twice on the dive.. just incase anyone had missed him the first time!

Papua New Guinea:  Fresh off the press are some wonderful pics of the macro life in Papau.  But this is not all the diving is about on Star Dancer.  There is plenty of big fish too.  Last week divers saw a whale shark, manta ray, schooling mobular rays, eagle ray, turtle and grey reef shark at Wahoo Point on two dives.

Some of the week's sightings... don't miss out!