Joe's magic shot!!! Envious... we are!

Egypt: The folks shorebased this week have has a storming week diving from the day boats.  Oonas reported in a single day at Ras Mohammed dolphins, a whaleshark and even marlin (or were they sailfish?) at Marsa Bareka.  Down south the oceanic white tips are starting to be seen.  These sharks get a bit of a bad rep and whilst of course, we would never advocate snorkleling with them, diving with them (really just hang around the boat at 8m!) is such a buzz!  Treat oceanics with some respect and you will get an encounter that will blow you away.

Cocos: Guests Joe and Kathryn have returned from Wind Dancer buzzing with what they saw.  The hammerheads were out in vast numbers and on one dive, they were so shallow you could even snorkel above the school.  Incredible viz, flat seas and endless pelagic encounters.  What more could you want.  Thanks to Joe for the close up pic.  Awesome shot!