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Scuba travel has been running photography workshops with Alex Mustard since 2009.  In that time hundreds of divers have travelled the globe, visiting the world’s top diving destinations with this master photographer.  We work carefully to build each trip around the timing for the best possible encounters.  Alex’ workshops are always popular, aimed at enthusiastic underwater photographers.  They are not competitive - it’s as important to have fun as it is to improve your skills and learn new techniques.

Dr Alex Mustard

Dr Alexander Mustard trained and worked as a marine biologist, but since 2004 has worked full time as a professional underwater photographer and author. He took his first pictures underwater at the age of nine. They were not very good, but over the years they improved and he is widely regarded as one of the most creative underwater photographers, whose works is admired and respected around the world. You can see a portfolio of his work here. He Alex was born in 1975 and has been a certified diver for more than half his life.

His images are known for their distinctive style that makes them instantly recognisable, often with bright, strong colours and simple, yet memorable compositions. They have won many awards and have been widely published. Alex was an early adopter of digital and has pioneered many of the specialist techniques of digital underwater photography, such as the use of filters in available light photography leading to the invention of the Magic Filter, the fisheye-teleconver technique for wide angle macro photography, the use of strobe filters for adjusting water colour, and using telephoto lenses underwater. Moreover, Alex has not kept these techniques trade secrets, but has shared his ideas through numerous magazine articles and columns.

Alex runs the workshops in a friendly and non-competitive manner. This allows all photographers to give and receive constructive and open feedback in a safe environment. I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone because I know I will learn so much - Josef

Dates: 13 Mar 2021 - 22 Mar 2021

Socorro Vortex | Giant Mantas of Socorro

Alex Says...Manta diving in Socorro is special, first, because the rays seem as keen on encounters as us. These giant oceanic mantas come right up to you and stare you in the eyes. You make a connection and this makes for an incredibly rewarding experience. Add to this the remoteness of the place, the size and black colour of the mantas and the vibrant orange Clarion angelfish cleaners and you have an intoxicating mix. I am excited to be going back, especially with just a small group of photographers on the fabulous new liveaboard the Socorro Vortex. MORE

Dates: 28 May 2021 - 04 Jun 2021

Solitude One - Philippines | Tubbataha

Alex Says...This is one of the best places I have been to photograph classic coral reef scenery in with clear water and sunny conditions. There are loads of mighty schools, turtles galore and the place has a reputation for providing encounters with whale sharks and plenty of other big stuff. This is one a few locations in the Philippines where you can reliably dive with the big stuff and typically in 30m+ visibility, ocean water. Mantas, mobulas, reef sharks, eagle rays, tuna and dolphins all pitch up in this oasis of life in the middle of the Sulu Sea. Equally attractive are the thriving corals, especially hard coral and soft coral gardens and attractive sea fans. MORE

Giant Mantas of Socorro

The Revillagigedo islands are one of Mexico's most impressive treasures. This marine park is home to droves of pelagics, making it well deserving of the nickname Mexico's Little Galapagos. It's best known residents are the giant Pacific manta, who ... MORE


Do you want to escape from it all on your next scuba diving holiday? Then try Tubbataha on our stunning Philippines liveaboard. Tubbataha is a remote national park in the middle of the Sulu Sea with diving that is off the charts. This is a scuba d... MORE

Red Sea Photography Workshop

On Alex' workshops, the sole aim of the diving is photography. We will be going to the sites that are most productive for images and will be repeating sites, sometimes several times, to give you the opportunity to work on shots, change lenses, wait f... MORE