Martin Edge

Escorted Photography Holidays

Martin Edge has been running photo workshops with Scuba Travel since 2007. His workshops visit exceptional photography destinations - there’s virtually no where he hasn’t dived! Martin’s workshops focus on advanced techniques to elevate your photography to the next level in a calm, stressfree environment. With Martin’s extensive knowledge and years’ teaching experience, there is almost nothing he cannot help with when. Develop a new skill or hone a tricky technique under Martin’s watchful eye.

Martin Edge

Mentor, coach, facilitator, educator. Whichever words are used to describe him, there is no doubt that Martin Edge is the most experienced and gifted instructor of underwater photography there is. His latest book ‘The Underwater Photographer – Digital and Traditional Techniques’ was published in April 06 and has taken the underwater photographic world by storm. Numerous reviews claim the book to be the best published on this particular topic to date. Martin told Scuba Travel: -“Whilst I am stimulated by numerous aspects of picture taking, my passion is to help others improve and develop their own abilities with a camera. I get so much satisfaction in seeing people which I have worked with become accomplished award winning uw photographers”.

“Over the years, Sylvia and I have developed our uw photo workshops to ensure that our clients are provided with the best possible conditions to improve their photography. Our recipe is a photo friendly dive resort or live-aboard with the option to both shore and boat dive. Visit those photo/dive sites in which to develop both the wide angle and close up aspects of their work. Create opportunities to repeat dive sites again and again. Familiarity with certain dive sites is key in which to develop techniques. Some photographers prefer to be left alone underwater in order to ‘do their own thing’ whilst others like to dive with Sylvia or I and pick up our ‘tricks of the trade’ by observing and having a go themselves. We have found that regimented talks and presentations are not the best way to discuss photo techniques whilst clients are enjoying their dive/photo trip. Times vary, its very flexible. Whilst we make every effort to project images in the evening, if the night diving is popular and productive we may choose different times of the day to discuss tips and techniques. In essence, whilst we provide as much photo time as possible, it’s an individual’s choice whether to dive or ‘catch some rays’. Being around like-minded individuals who are keen and eager to improve their photography has a huge advantage compared to taking a dive trip with the general diving public. Travel with us and you can enter the water when the sun is in the right place for wide angles. You can shoot a school of fish before lunch and repeat and improve on the same school after lunch. One huge advantage is that you can photo/dive at your own pace.

Those who are interested in this trip but who have yet to attend a one day UK photo-course with Martin may find it beneficial to do so.

Dates: 16 Jul 2018 - 30 Jul 2018

Nabucco Island - Kalimantan | Martin Edge Wide Angle Masterclass

Martin Says...The diving in Nabucco, Kalimantan is reminiscent of Sipidan, a place Martin considers his underwater happy place. Nabucco has been chosen as a host for the workshop, not just because of the superb wide angle diving, but thanks to the team. Martin has known dive centre managers Kathrin and Tarkan for many years - this dynamic duo understand the needs of underwater photographers. MORE

Dates: 16 Oct 2018 - 28 Oct 2018

Bunaken Oasis Resort | Martin Edge Indonesia photography

Martin Says...Bunaken has everything you would want to create stunning wide angle images, but that's only half of the story! There's also some great macro critters. It's a flexible program which will make the difference and this flexibility will provide us with the opportunities. This is totally the opposite of the usual regimented dive profile - enjoy dive flexibility in this stunning national park MORE

Martin Edge Indonesia Photography

Goals of the trip The beautiful Bunaken national marine park is famous for the sheer variety and colour of coral. This trip will focus on doing justice to the incredible marine-scapes, with the expert tuition of Martin Edge. This is pred... MORE

Martin Edge Wide Angle Masterclass

Goals of the trip Wide angle lighting presents its own challenges and there's no doubt it's an art form of its very own. Many experienced underwater photographers struggle to balance lighting and achieve the results they want with their st... MORE