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Mike Ward

Escorted Wreck Holidays

Mike Ward has been working with Scuba Travel for over ten years, introducing divers to the stories behind the many wreck sites he’s taken people to visit.

Mike Ward

Mike always claims to enjoy wrecks more than any other type of dive, but the truth is that Mike would dive in a dustbin full of water if nowhere else was available.  He says he can’t remember not wanting to be a diver and his diving adventure really began when he was given a Ladybird book of Underwater Exploration for his seventh birthday.  He learned to dive with BSAC back in the day and has added qualifications from a number of other agencies, including technical and rebreather.  He’s also a widely published underwater photographer who has recently begun shooting video, and is very happy to help guests with their camera work
Mike has been writing regularly for Diver magazine for twenty years, and has moved on from humorous pieces based on his diving experiences to reviewing diving equipment and underwater cameras.
He lives in North Yorkshire with his wife, five horses, two Labradors and four sheep on a small-holding just outside Thirsk. 

Dates: 12 Sep 2021 - 19 Sep 2021

Whirlwind | Escorted Get Wrecked

Mike Says...Mikes wreck trips have always offered you a unique opportunity to discover more about the sites you will visit, with illustrated briefings and daily presentations putting the wrecks into context, and this year Mike is giving his guests the chance to ask for talks on the diving and wreck related topics that really interest them. So if there is a topic you would like him to explore, let us know! MORE

Escorted Get Wrecked

The Escorted Get Wrecked tour gives you the chance to pick the brains of an expert whilst wreck diving the Egyptian Red Sea. This is the itinerary for those divers that want to know more about the wrecks they are visiting as well as experience the co... MORE